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Distributed NoSQL Databases with Jon Meredith

“The world is increasingly disconnected, if you think about dealing with things like mobile devices that flap in and out of connectedness.” Continue reading…

Apache Drill with Tomer Shiran

"It’s a great world to be a developer in. If you’re a developer today, you have so many tools and so many options." Continue reading…

Architecting Distributed Databases with Fangjin Yang

“The more you’re comfortable with this idea that everything is going to fail, the more you realize that it's a natural process of distributed systems, and it helps you write and

Push Databases with RethinkDB CEO Slava Akhmechet

RethinkDB is an open-source database for the realtime web. RethinkDB pushes changes to the application rather than waiting for a request. Slava Akhmechet is the CEO of RethinkDB.

MongoDB with Bryan Reinero

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. Bryan Reinero is a developer advocate at MongoDB. Questions include: How are isomorphic JavaScript applications using NoSQL? What