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Episode Summary: Move Fast with Jeff Meyerson

Decision-making around software projects has always been a contentious issue, should one move in an extremely thoughtful – planning all the way through, OR should teams opt for a

Episode Summary: Coinbase React Native: Building the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Coinbase is a popular and well-trusted cryptocurrency platform for buying and selling digital currencies. With Coinbase, your portfolio for crypto investments is managed in a central

Questions to Ask When Searching for an ASR Vendor

Introduction How should you choose which automatic speech recognition (ASR) solution to invest in? With so many options available, it can be a challenging decision. That’s why Rev.ai

How Your Network Affects User Interactivity

The internet was designed to move data worldwide, despite technological advancements, global catastrophes, or your geography. It’s meant to be reliable, no matter any of those

Episode Summary: AWS Analysis with Corey Quinn

Amazon Web Services changed how software engineers work. Before AWS, it was common for startups to purchase their physical servers. AWS made server resources as feasible as an API