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GraphQL vs. REST: What Are They, and Which Is Better for You?

Web development has exploded in complexity and dynamism over the last decade. Of all the paradigms created during this period, two have bubbled to the top: GraphQL and REST.  Each has

Product Design using AR and XR with Jenna Fizel

Augmented reality and extended reality, or AR and XR, are in the early stages of being integrated into design workflows. But they are likely to transform design in the years to come.

Making OAuth and OIDC Accessible to Developers

Simplifying Application Development Security  Security is an integral and often challenging component in application development. Developers focus on the functionality of the frontend

Weaving Generative AI into DevSecOps

Software development has historically been a time-intensive and often tedious process that requires tooling and configuration. Generative AI is changing that process, and offers software

Developing Dave the Diver with Jaeho Hwang and Minsuk Cha

Developing a modern video game can be a big technical and creative challenge. Game development involves bringing together skills in software engineering, game design, art and sound.