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Building on Specialized Hardware

When Steve Jobs stepped on stage with his iconic black turtleneck and introduced the iPhone, it changed the way we interact and live. Many described it as magical at the time, but now we

Flatfile Portal: The Elegant Way to Import Spreadsheet Data

No one wants to spend hours formatting data in Excel. Flatfile is on a mission to fix that. B2B data migrations are a pain Migrating B2B data is typically an inefficient, costly, and

10 Software Components to Stop Building In House for 2021

It’s time to stop wasting precious internal dev resources to reinvent solutions that vendors can deliver elegantly at a fraction of the cost. Not long ago, it was common for businesses

Including Everyone in the Future of Analytic Applications

Google “dish soap for sensitive hands” and you will see advertisements for an array of relevant businesses selling dish soap. You may also see advertisements for gloves, sponges, and

Five Key Traits of Database Access Administration

Raise your hand if this applies to you: You manually provision user access to tables and views. Routine requests involved creating a new user and assigning roles each time. You have