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Tinybird is making OLAP feel like Postgres

These days, it’s easy to relegate “analytics” to the world of reporting and business intelligence, where batch ETL, complex queries, and scheduled reports are powered by the

What does it take to be a Technical Author?

How we perceive those that have authored technical books is interesting. The opportunities for anyone to publish content are never better. Anyone can blog; all you need is an email

10 Privacy-enhancing Technologies Every Engineer Should Know About

As engineers, we need to secure and protect sensitive data to prevent its misuse and comply with various data protection laws, while still supporting data-driven workflows like machine

Software Engineering Best Practices Applied to Data

Sherlock Holmes once said, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data”. Though from a fictional character in the early 1900s, the adage rings true today. Companies are

Importing CSV: Meeting the Challenge Head-on

Whether a machine learning engineer, data scientist, business analyst – or honestly, anyone else at this point – you’ve probably received, used, imported or opened a CSV