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Introduction to Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the biggest strides in technology. Its methods are employed in fields ranging from biomedical industry to agriculture, from personalized assistants

Online Learning

Machine learning and AI are concepts that are ever-growing and are continually being integrated into the workloads of more enterprises. If you are in the software field, you probably

Collaborating on Collaborating

To me, one of the more interesting projects I’ve found on FindCollabs is ResearchCollabs, a collaboration tool specifically for academic research. I wondered why such a tool would be

Winning Isn’t the Only Way to Win

But winning can be quite nice, too. You’d think that even in Silicon Valley, five thousand dollars ($4000 for top project, $1000 for second) would be motivating, but at the FindCollabs

Finding Collaborators and Feeling Free

On the beat, I paused the music, put down the finger I had been waving in the air, and then clicked back to my findcollabs.com tab. Fingers poised above my keyboard, I looked up. Jeff
A screenshot of the Feel Free Jam project on FindCollabs.com