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Episode Summary for Data Exploration with a New Python Library with Doris Lee

Doris Jung-Lin Lee is currently a graduate research assistant and a Ph.D. student in the Information Management and Systems department at the University of California, Berkeley. Her main

Emerging Architectures for Real-Time Analytics in Applications

There’s been a proliferation of applications that are all about using data to derive actionable insights. Companies like Command Alkon digitize construction logistics by providing a

Episode Summary for Data Mechanics: Data Engineering with Jean-Yves Stephan

Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. In computing environments like data warehouses, Spark Applications play a crucial role. Spark has a central

Episode Summary for Botpress: Natural Language Processing with Sylvain Perron

Botpress is revolutionizing the chatbot ecosystem with Natural Language Understanding. If you are looking to power your infrastructure with the latest advancements in chatbot technology

Episode Summary for Uniswap: Creating Liquidity in DeFi with Noah Zinsmeister

Traditional financial institutions are siloed and often put up barriers, both regulatory and artificial, that prevent interoperability and introduce market efficiency. DeFi on Ethereum