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Weaving Generative AI into DevSecOps

Software development has historically been a time-intensive and often tedious process that requires tooling and configuration. Generative AI is changing that process, and offers software

Developing Dave the Diver with Jaeho Hwang and Minsuk Cha

Developing a modern video game can be a big technical and creative challenge. Game development involves bringing together skills in software engineering, game design, art and sound.

Spring AI and Java in 2024

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages, and a key contributor to its success is VMware Tanzu’s Spring, the most common framework for Java development. The Spring

Going Open Source at Convex with James Cowling

Convex is a serverless backend platform to simplify fullstack application development. Its underlying database is written in Rust, and it uses TypeScript to integrate with reactive UI

Privacy in the Age of Generative AI

On a recent trip to my hometown in Eastern Canada, my father picked me up at the airport. One of the first things he asked me was, “Is AI going to take everyone’s jobs?”. When AI,