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Biometric Authentication with Vincent Delitz

Corbado is an authentication platform that provides APIs for developers to replace passwords with passkeys such as Face ID or Touch ID. Vincent Delitz is a Co-Founder at Corbado and he

SimpleWebAuthn with Matthew Miller

SimpleWebAuthn is an open source TypeScript-centric pair of libraries – frontend and backend – that make it easier for devs to implement WebAuthn on the web. Matthew Miller

OpsHelm with Kyle McCullough

Security issues can often be traced back to small misconfigurations in a database or cloud service, or an innocent code commit. OpsHelm is a security platform that’s oriented

Apiiro Security Posture Management with Yonatan Eldar

Software supply chain security is a major challenge in the modern engineering environment. Many teams are working to establish best practices to proactively identify, fix, and prevent

Blocking Ransomware Attacks with Anthony Cusimano

Ransomware attacks involve the deployment of malware that blocks access to a user’s or organization’s computer files by encrypting them. The attackers then demand a ransom