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Tetrate Service Bridge with Zack Butcher

Microservice architecture has become a ubiquitous design choice.  Application developers typically have neither the training nor the interest in implementing low-level security features

Deploying Computer Vision to the Edge at Anduril Industries with Forrest Iandola

Neural networks, in particular, deep neural networks have revolutionized machine learning.  Researchers and companies have pushed on the efficiency of every aspect of the machine

NBSafety for Jupyter Notebooks with Stephen Macke

The notebook paradigm of coding is relatively new in comparison to REPLs and IDEs.  Notebooks run in your browser and give you discrete cells for running segments of code.  All the

Cybersecurity Threats with Jason Pufahl and Russell Jancewicz

Phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware are just some of the major threats everyone connected to the internet faces.  For companies, the stakes are especially high.  Setting up a

Detecting Money Laundering with Clarence Chio

Money laundering is not a new crime.  However, the growth of digital communications has greatly expanded the opportunity for money launderers to find innovative new ways to hide their