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freeCodeCamp’s Quincy Larson interviews Jeff Meyerson

We are republishing a podcast from the freeCodeCamp Podcast as a weekend episode. Jeff Meyerson is the creator and host of the Software Engineering Daily podcast. Jeff grew up in Texas.

Webflow: No-Code with Vlad Magdalin

Webflow is a platform for building applications without programming. Software engineering has barely been around for 30 years. Over that period of time, there have been many attempts to

Data Visualization with Sherman Wood and Chad Lumley

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a way that emphasizes certain qualities about that data. Data visualization can be used to prove a specific point, or it can be used as

Treehouse: Business and Education with Ryan Carson

The ability to create software is a superpower. But software education is not evenly distributed. Ryan Carson started Treehouse to provide a high quality education system for anyone to

Traces: Video Recognition with Veronica Yurchuk and Kostyantyn Shysh

Video surveillance impacts human lives every day.  On most days, we do not feel the impact of video surveillance. But the effects of video surveillance have tremendous potential. It can