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Continuous Intelligence with Kalyan Ramanathan

Logging provides raw data that can be abstracted into higher level information. Logs are generated at every layer of infrastructure: physical host, virtual machine, container, pod, and

Remote Work with Philip Thomas

Offices have historically been the place where most knowledge work takes place. An office is a central meeting point for everyone in an organization. Offices allow for high bandwidth,

Practical AI with Chris Benson

Machine learning algorithms have existed for decades. But in the last ten years, several advancements in software and hardware have caused dramatic growth in the viability of

Linkerd Market Strategy with William Morgan

The container orchestration wars ended in 2016 with Kubernetes being the most popular open source tool for deploying and managing infrastructure. Since that time, most large enterprises

Istio Market Strategy with Zack Butcher

Kubernetes has created a widespread system for deploying and managing infrastructure. As Kubernetes has been increasingly adopted, companies are thinking about how to leverage that