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Our Current Strategy

We’ve been running Software Daily for 6 years.  When we started it back in 2015, the goal was to create a software engineering podcast that was 60% as good as Software Engineering

Big Business with Tyler Cowen

Large software companies have become a target for criticism. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other prominent technology giants find themselves under a kind of scrutiny that is reminiscent

a16z Podcasting with Sonal Chokshi

The a16z Podcast is a show that is produced by Andreessen Horowitz, an investment fund based in Silicon Valley. The a16z Podcast covers topics including software engineering, biology,

Software IPOs with Tomasz Tunguz

Software companies such as Slack, Zoom, and Uber have recently gone public. When a company goes public, they issue a document called an S-1. Within the S-1, there is a wealth of

Envoy Mobile with Matt Klein

Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy that was originally developed at Lyft.  Envoy is often deployed as a sidecar application that runs alongside a service and helps that