Cloud Engineering

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Microservice Routing with Tobias Kunze Briseño

Microservices route requests between each other. As the underlying infrastructure changes, this routing becomes more complex and dynamic. The interaction patterns across this

Edge Handlers with Mathias Biilmann Christensen

Netlify is a cloud provider for JAMStack applications. To make those applications more performant, Netlify has built out capacity for edge computing–specifically “edge

Cloud Custodian with Kapil Thangavelu

Cloud resources can get out of control if proper management constraints are not put in place. Cloud Custodian enables users to be well managed in the cloud. It is a YAML DSL that allows

Sysbox: Containerization Runtime with Cesar Talledo

Containers and virtual machines are two ways of running virtualized infrastructure. Containers use less resources than VMs, and typically use the runc open source container runtime.

Gitpod: Cloud Development Environments with Johannes Landgraf and Sven Efftinge

Development environments are brittle and hard to manage. They lack the kind of fungibility afforded by infrastructure-as-code. Gitpod is a company that allows developers to describe