Cloud Engineering

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The Good Parts of AWS with Daniel Vassallo

AWS has over 150 different services. Databases, log management, edge computing, and lots of others. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of these products, an engineering team can

Tilt: Kubernetes Tooling with Dan Bentley

Kubernetes continues to mature as a platform for infrastructure management. At this point, many companies have well-developed workflows and deployment patterns for working with

Kubernetes vs. Serverless with Matt Ward

Kubernetes has become a highly usable platform for deploying and managing distributed systems.  The user experience for Kubernetes is great, but is still not as simple as a full-on

Distributed Systems Research with Peter Alvaro

Every software company is a distributed system, and distributed systems fail in unexpected ways.  This ever-present tendency for systems to fail has led to the rise of failure testing,

AWS Virtualization with Anthony Liguori

Amazon’s virtual server instances have come a long way since the early days of EC2. There are now a wide variety of available configuration options for spinning up an EC2 instance,