Cloud Engineering

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Gold Fig Labs: Cloud Infrastructure Security with Vikrum Nijjar and Greg Soltis

IT infrastructure are the components required to operate IT environments, like networks, virtual machines or containers, an operating system, hardware, data storage, etc…. As companies

Equinix Infrastructure with Tim Banks

Software-Defined Networking describes a category of technologies that separate the networking control plane from the forwarding plane. This enables more automated provisioning and

Google Cloud Databases with Andi Gutmans

Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure are the dominant cloud providers on the market today. But the market is still highly competitive, and there is significant overlap in the services offered by

Vantage: AWS Console Alternative with Ben Schaechter

AWS offers over 200 services as part of its IaaS platform, and that number continues to grow. Organizing all of these services, and tracking the costs they incur, can be a significant

Earthly: Build Automation with Vlad Ionescu

Build automation tools automate the process of building code, including steps such as compiling, packaging binary code, and running automated tests. Because of this, build automation