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Building a Data Lake with Adam Ferrari

Starburst is a data lake analytics platform. It’s designed to help users work with structured data at scale, and is built on the open source platform, Trino. Adam Ferrari is the

Rama with Nathan Marz

Building scalable software applications can be complex and typically requires dozens of different tools. The engineering often involves handling many arcane tasks that are distant from

Bonus Episode: SurrealDB with Tobie Morgan Hitchcock

SurrealDB is the result of a long-time collaboration between brothers Tobie and Jaime Morgan Hitchcock. The project has modest origins and started merely to support other projects the

Tracking Drug Smugglers and Migrating Databases with Benny Keinan and Lior Resisi

Maritime logistics is the process organizing the movement of goods across the ocean. Historically, this has been a challenging problem because of the multinational nature of shipping, as

The Right to Be Forgotten with Gal Ringel

Data breaches at major companies are so now common that they hardly make the news. The Wikipedia page on data breaches lists over 350 between 2004 and 2023. The Equifax breach in 2017