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Slack Data Platform with Josh Wills Holiday Repeat

Originally published January 10, 2020 Slack is a messaging platform for organizations. Since its creation in 2013, Slack has quickly become a core piece of technology used by a wide

GraphQL at Github with Marc-Andre Giroux

GitHub manages a large API surface for both internal and external developers. This API surface has been migrated from purely RESTful requests to GraphQL. GraphQL is a newer request

Data Protection with Dave Cole

Data leaks can cause privacy violations and other cloud security vulnerabilities. Visibility and control of cloud resources can help secure data and ensure compliance and governance.

Banking and Money Flows with Sam Aarons

Banking and money management are at the core of many modern applications. Payment operations teams work to enable the transfer of funds between different bank accounts, and to track the

DeepSource: Static Analysis for Code Reviews with Jai Pradeesh and Sanket Saurav

Static analysis allows for the discovery of issues in a codebase without compiling. There have been many generations of static analysis tools. A newer static analysis tool is DeepSource,