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Data Visualization with Sherman Wood and Chad Lumley

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a way that emphasizes certain qualities about that data. Data visualization can be used to prove a specific point, or it can be used as

GDPR in Practice with Joshua Prismon

Data privacy policies have changed how software organizations need to operate. As consumer preferences have shifted in favor of strong privacy, software companies are having to examine

Fivetran: Data Connectors with George Fraser

Large companies have multiple databases, multiple data formats, and multiple applications that need to use the data. Every data engineer needs to move data between these different

Life Insurance Engineering with Vipul Sharma and Lingke Wang

Ethos Life Insurance is a software company that sells life insurance products. Software is reshaping established industries such as banking, insurance, and manufacturing. In these large,

Kafka Data Pipelines with Robin Moffatt

A new software product usually starts with a single database. That database manages the tables for user accounts and basic transactions. When a product becomes popular, the database