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Streaming Analytics with Hojjat Jafarpour

Streaming analytics refers to the process of analyzing real-time data that is generated continuously and rapidly from various sources, such as sensors, applications, social media, and

Turso: Globally Replicated SQLite with Glauber Costa

Distributed databases are necessary for storing and managing data across multiple nodes in a network. They provide scalability, fault tolerance, improved performance, and cost savings.

Observability Trends with John Hart

DataSet is a log analytics platform provided by Sentinel One that helps DevOps, IT engineering, and security teams get answers from their data across all time periods, both live

Data Investing and the MAD with Matt Turck

There are many types of early stage funding available from friends and family to seed to series A.  Some firms invest across a wide set of technologies and seek only to provide capital.

Accessing Data at Scale with Justin Borgman

The Presto/Trino project makes distributed querying easier across a variety of data sources. As the need for machine learning and other high volume data applications has increased, the