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Census: Data Accessibility with Boris Jabes

A data warehouse is a data management system that often contains large amounts of historical data and is used for business intelligence activities like analytics. It centralizes customer

Equinix Metal with Nicole Hubbard

A major change in the software industry is the expectation of automation. The infrastructure for deploying code, hosting it, and monitoring it is now being viewed as a fully automatable

Common Room with Tom Kleinpeter and Viraj Mody

Digital communities have exponentially grown in importance ever since most of the world went remote. Basically every popular online forum, message board, chat app, and other online

Flatfile: Data Onboarding on Flatfile with David Boskovic and Eric Crane

Product teams sometimes double as data teams. They struggle through import errors, scrub long and complicated data sheets for consistency, and map spreadsheet fields on step 3 in a long

Noteable with Matthew Seal

Right now, more than 10 million people use notebooks like Jupyter in their workflow. Notebooks are open-source tools for creating and sharing documents with live code, equations,