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Castor EDC with Derk Arts

Medical breakthroughs require medical research. Medical research requires patient testing and data collection. The most common form of capturing patient data is through surveys–and

Video Machine Learning with Ben Dodson

Video streaming platforms like Netflix offer a convenient way to watch video content. We are now able to watch our favorite TV shows, movies, or content creators on a range of devices.

Ballerina Language with Tyler Jewell

Modern programming requires lots of integration between APIs. Some of these integrations are trivial–such as using Twilio or Stripe. But there are many more complex integrations.

Data Engineering Automation with Mike Kim

Every company has the idea of the “nightly report.” A business analyst comes into the office, sits down in front their inbox, and looks at yesterday’s data. Did sales go up? Did

Video Search with Rasty Turek

Searching through all of the videos on the Internet is not a simple problem. In order to search through all the videos, you need to build a search index. In order to build a search