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Data-As-A-Service with Auren Hoffman

Data-as-a-service businesses offer paid access to data sets. These data sets can be useful for building products or training machine learning models.  There has been steady growth in

Golden: Intelligent Knowledge Map with Jude Gomila

A knowledge base assembles information from a wide variety of sources into a central platform. The most popular knowledge base is Wikipedia, which covers a wide variety of concepts

Data Mesh with Zhamak Deghani

Data engineering involves numerous tools–a data lake, databases, data warehouses, numerous APIs, streaming systems, and microservices. There is no shortage of ways to interact with

Data Engineering with Tobias Macey

The Hadoop ecosystem provided every company with the tools to store and query large amounts of data at a low cost. Since 2005, that ecosystem has expanded with more and more open source

Facebook GraphQL with Lee Byron

In 2011, Facebook had begun to focus its efforts on mobile development. Mobile phones did not have access to reliable, high bandwidth connections, and the Facebook engineering team