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Superhuman Engineering with Emuye Reynolds

Email has become such a routine feature of knowledge work that we often take it- and the email clients we use for it- for granted. While advancements such as intelligent spam filtering

Okay Engineering with Tomas Barreto

Studies show that people in “maker” professions such as developers and writers are most productive when they can carve out dedicated time for focused work, without the frequent

Equinix Partnerships with Shaedon Blackman

A “co-location” center is a data center that leases out networking and compute infrastructure to retail clients. Co-location centers host clients with a wide variety of

Synthetic Data with Ian Coe, Andrew Colombi, and Adam Kamor

Over the past few years, the conventional wisdom around the value proposition of Big Data has begun to shift. While the prevailing attitude towards Big Data may once have been “bigger Intelligent Analyses with Ahmed Elsamadisi

A data-driven organization collects a wide variety of data to help in strategic decision-making. The cost of storing large amounts and variety of data has dropped dramatically in the