Bonus Episode: SurrealDB with Tobie Morgan Hitchcock

SurrealDB is the result of a long-time collaboration between brothers Tobie and Jaime Morgan Hitchcock. The project has modest origins and started merely to support other projects the brothers were working on. However, over time the project grew and in 2021  they started working on it full-time. Since then the project has gained serious adoption.

What’s makes SurrealDB so special? Tobie Morgan Hitchcock is the CEO of SurrealDB and he joins the show to talk about his multimodal database, support for graph and time series data, why they rewrote the entire project in Rust, and more.

Starting her career as a software developer, Jocelyn Houle is now a Senior Director of Product Management at, a unified data protection and governance platform. Before that, she was an Operating Partner at Capital One Ventures investing in data and AI startups. Jocelyn has been a founder of two startups and a full life cycle, technical product manager at large companies like Fannie Mae, Microsoft and Capital One.  Follow Jocelyn on LinkedIn  or Twitter @jocelynbyrne.

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The AI features helped summarize and cluster the information, making it easier to understand and work with. I’m also impressed with Miro AI’s ability to auto-generate images from text. This has a lot of value for software and product teams that need to do dynamic brainstorming and idea development.

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