Applying To Host


Software Engineering Daily has been a consistent and daily source of high-quality educational content for the modern software engineer.  Historically, the podcast has featured a single host with occasional guest contributors.

As the show matures, we now seek to bring a more diverse set of voices to the hosts’ seat.  Listeners will benefit from a wider variety of people and perspectives who collectively continue to bring the same level of content to your podcast platform of choice.

For professionals interested in exploring their ability to conduct a technical interview for air on Software Engineering Daily, the steps for submitting your audition and an overview of our review process are described below.



What we are looking for: Engaging people that have both on-air charisma and sufficient technical background to engage with top-tier software thought leaders and use the interview format to help them share stories and insights about the art of software development or starting a software enterprise.

For your application, please send us a 5-10 minute mp3 file that introduces yourself and pitches 3 possible interviews.  Your introduction should cover your education, professional experience, public speaking/podcast experience, and why you want to be a host on Software Engineering Daily.

Included in your mp3 should be 3 pitches of either companies, organizations, projects, or people that you would be interested in researching and conducting an interview with.  Here are some principles to consider (more yes answers are better):

  • Is it a software engineering topic we haven’t covered on the show before? Alternatively, has something about the topic substantively changed that would require a follow-up?
  • Are you completely independent from the topic (e.g. not an investor in the company or friends with the founder)?
  • Will it be appealing to the average working software developer?
  • Is there some form of “free tier” for independent developers related to the topic? Or is it an open-source project? Can listeners try the ideas presented with reasonable effort?
  • WIll the content still be relevant in 18 months?
  • Do you have any concerns that listeners might criticize the interview as being an infomercial?
  • Are your 3 pitches sufficiently different from one another?

Review Process

Our review process focuses on 4 key areas:

Production quality – Is your mp3 file free of background noise?  Is your voice at a proper level and free of distortion and popping?

Voice Talent – Is your vocal delivery clear and easy to follow?  Does your recording flow naturally?  Do we believe listeners will find you engaging?

Technical Acumen – From your recording, does it sound as though you have sufficient experience to conduct an interview on the proposed topic?

Pitch – Does your pitch leave the listener with a sense of curiosity for what the interview would contain?  Is it compelling?


Send your mp3 submission as an attachment to with “SE daily host submission” in the subject line.