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NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges no one else can solve. Their work in AI and digital twins is transforming the world’s largest industries and profoundly impacting society.

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Deliver valuable software faster by removing the bottlenecks in your application strategy.

VMware helps platform teams simplify accelerated app delivery so developers can focus on building apps that differentiate your business.

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DoiT combines the power of intelligent software products with access to unrivaled multicloud expertise to solve the most complicated and important cloud problems.

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Orb is the flexible usage-based billing engine for modern pricing. The fastest-growing companies like Vercel and Replit trust Orb to power billing, invoicing, and financial reporting. Let Orb help you get back to building, not billing.
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Vantage helps you get a handle on your cloud bills, with self-serve reports and dashboards built for engineers, finance, and operations teams.

With Vantage, you can put costs in the hands of the service owners and managers who generate them—giving them budgets, alerts, anomaly detection, and granular visibility into every dollar.

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Statsig is a feature management and experimentation platform that helps engineering teams ship faster. Statsig has a super developer-friendly free tier for feature flags, plus simple, flat-rate pricing for enterprises feature flag packages.

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With Convex, you get a modern backend as a service: a flexible, 100% ACID-compliant database, pure TypeScript cloud functions, end-to-end type safety with your app, deep React integration, and ubiquitous real-time updates. Everything you need to build your full stack project faster than ever, and no glue required.

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From data masking and subsetting that preserve referential integrity to ephemeral test databases spun up on demand, Tonic enables you to keep your environments fresh and in sync with quality test data to fix your staging environments, catch bugs faster, and shorten your release cycles.

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Authlete is a service that provides a set of APIs to implement OAuth authorization servers, and OpenID Connect identity providers.

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A graph database lets you model data the way it looks in the real world instead of forcing it into rows and columns. Stop asking relational databases to do more than they were made for. Graphs work well for use cases with lots of data connections like supply chain, fraud detection, real real -time analytics, and Gen AI.

With Neo4j, you can code in your favorite programming language and against any driver. Plus, it’s easy to integrate into your tech stack. 

People are solving some of the world’s biggest problems with graphs. Now it’s your turn.

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Introducing the PR-Assist feature for CodiumAI’s VS Code extension, which suggests changes and improvements to your PR and alerts you about security vulnerabilities. Code review has never been easier with CodiumAI’s automatic review. 

Code smart, create more value, and stay confident when you push. Code, as you meant it. 

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Why is it so hard, complex, expensive and slow to get a modern distributed database up and running? It doesn’t have to be that way.

With Turso, you get both the easy setup and great developer experience of a SQLite database, plus lightning fast performance and local replication at the Edge.

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