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freeCodeCamp’s Quincy Larson interviews Jeff Meyerson

We are republishing a podcast from the freeCodeCamp Podcast as a weekend episode. Jeff Meyerson is the creator and host of the Software Engineering Daily podcast. Jeff grew up in Texas.

Treehouse: Business and Education with Ryan Carson

The ability to create software is a superpower. But software education is not evenly distributed. Ryan Carson started Treehouse to provide a high quality education system for anyone to

Indie Hackers (3 Years Later) with Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers is a platform for independent software businesses to discuss strategy and find inspiration. Courtland Allen founded Indie Hackers with the goal of sharing the stories of

The Messy Middle with Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky founded Behance in 2006. Behance is a social platform where designers and creators share their work. Scott was motivated to start Behance due to his desire to combine his

Software Moats with Astasia Myers

Investors often use the term “moat” to describe the durable competitive advantage of a company. When an investor puts money into a company, they are making that investment based on a