Business and Philosophy

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Courier with Troy Goode

A gig economy application generates lots of notifications.  There is SMS, mobile phone updates, emails, and native application updates. If you order a ride from Uber, you might receive

Rive: Animation Tooling with Guido and Luigi Rosso

Animations can be used to create games, app tutorials, and user interface components. Animations can be seen in messaging apps, where animated reactions can convey rich feelings over a

John Deere: Farm Software with Ryan Bergman

Robotics has changed modern agriculture. Autonomous systems are powering the tractors, cotton pickers, and corn cutters that yield plants at industrial scale. John Deere is a company

Venture Stories with Erik Torenberg

Venture capital investing requires an understanding of market dynamics, technology, and finance.  There is also an element of human nature. Consumer trends can make or break the

Mattermost with Ian Tien

Chat systems have been a part of software development for decades. Older systems like Pidgin and Yammer were surpassed by newer systems like HipChat. And when Slack was created, it