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Acquired Podcasting with David Rosenthal and Ben Gilbert

Acquisitions are part of the technology industry. A successful corporation will often have an “exit”, either going public or becoming acquired. And with each of these corporations,

Capital Allocation with Blair Silverberg and Chris Olivares

Software companies can be funded in a variety of ways: venture capital, self-funding, and debt, among others. In order to receive financing, a company is evaluated on its ability to

freeCodeCamp with Quincy Larson (Summer Break Repeat)

Originally published December 20, 2019. We are taking a few weeks off. We’ll be back soon with new episodes. freeCodeCamp was started five years ago with the goal of providing free

Software Daily

For the last five months, we have been working on a new version of Software Daily, the platform we built to host and present our content.  We are creating a platform that integrates the

Isolation with Courtland Allen and Anurag Goel

We are all living in social isolation due to the quarantine from COVID-19. Isolation is changing our habits and our moods, ravaging the economy, and changing how we work. One positive