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freeCodeCamp with Quincy Larson

freeCodeCamp was started five years ago with the goal of providing free coding education to anyone on the Internet. freeCodeCamp has become the best place to begin learning how to write

GitLab Engineering with Marin Jankovski

GitLab is a company that builds an open source platform for managing git repositories. GitLab was started in 2012, and has grown to have a large enterprise business with additional

Basic Income with Floyd Marinescu

Automation has the potential to eliminate rote jobs such as call center workers and truck drivers. The downstream effects of automation also leads to new jobs, such as data labeling and

Remote Work with Philip Thomas

Offices have historically been the place where most knowledge work takes place. An office is a central meeting point for everyone in an organization. Offices allow for high bandwidth,

Economics of Software with Russ Roberts Holiday Repeat

Originally published July 14, 2016 EconTalk is a weekly economics podcast that has been going for a decade. On EconTalk, Russ Roberts brings on writers, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs