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Remote Work with Philip Thomas

Offices have historically been the place where most knowledge work takes place. An office is a central meeting point for everyone in an organization. Offices allow for high bandwidth,

Economics of Software with Russ Roberts Holiday Repeat

Originally published July 14, 2016 EconTalk is a weekly economics podcast that has been going for a decade. On EconTalk, Russ Roberts brings on writers, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs

Bugsnag Business with James Smith

Crash monitoring emerged as a software category over the last decade. Crash monitoring software allows developers to understand when their applications are crashing on client devices.

Drones with Chris Anderson

Drones will deliver food to us. Drones will be able to extinguish fires. Drones will be used to relay Internet signals and make the world more connected.  These all sound like great

Leadership with Ben Horowitz

Photo credit: Elisabeth Fall Ben Horowitz started Loudcloud with Marc Andreessen in 1999. He ran the company for eight years and chronicled his experience in his first book The Hard