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Staff Engineering with Will Larson

Staff engineer is a job title that suggests the engineer has deep expertise, and considerable experience. More and more companies are adopting a “staff engineer track” where an

Developer Investing with Lee Edwards

Developer tooling and infrastructure is a fruitful area for investing. A wide variety of technologies can have large investment outcomes based on the fact that there are lots of

Enterprise Investing with Ed Sim

Investing in enterprise software has become a competitive business. Lots of venture capital firms compete for the good deals at every stage. This level of competition has driven more

Modern Venture with Jerry Chen

After working at VMware for 10 years, Jerry Chen developed an expertise in technology companies. Today, he works at Greylock, where he looks at deals in the infrastructure and developer

Software and the Law with Mark Radcliffe

As software permeates our lives, there are an increased number of situations where the legal system must be designed to account for that software. Whether the issues are open source