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Yelp Early Days with Michael Stoppelman is a crowdsourced review platform focused on restaurants and local businesses. Originally created as an email-based recommendation service, Yelp re-launched in its modern form

Pre Seed Investing with Gaurav Jain

For startups that are still seeking product/market fit, pre-seed investments are critical to funding initial investments in the product and in the infrastructure needed to scale. Afore

Big Tech with Alex Kantrowitz

Large technology companies are a new type of industry. Their power and reach is resistant to a comparison of previous generations, such as big oil. Alex Kantrowitz is a journalist who

Complacency with Tyler Cowen (Repeat)

Originally published April 7, 2017 Engineers in Silicon Valley see a world of constant progress. Our work is creative and intellectually challenging. We are building the future and

Facebook Engineering Process with Kent Beck (Repeat)

Originally published August 28, 2019 Kent Beck is a legendary figure in the world of software engineering.  Kent was an early advocate of Test-Driven Development (TDD), and popularized