Expanding B2B Payments with Sohil Pandya

The Buy Now, Pay Later model, or BNPL, is traditionally a business-to-consumer model that is gaining traction in the business-to-business domain. Adoption of BNPL in business-to-business scenarios offers benefits like improved cash flow management for buyers, and increased sales for suppliers, often leading to higher order value.

However, this model introduces complexities, including the need for advanced technical platforms for managing such transactions. There are also risks associated with delayed or defaulted payments, and potential accumulation of interest and fees.

As business-to-business entities consider BNPL, they must strike a balance between its potential advantages and its inherent risks and operational challenges.

Tranch is a London-based startup that is focused on providing a payments-checkout platform for businesses that want to pay easier and get paid faster.

Sohil Pandya is the Head of Engineering at Tranch and he joins us in this episode.

Paweł is the founder at flat.sociaI the world’s first ‘flatverse’ start-up. Pawel’s background is as a full-stack software engineer with a lean and experimental approach towards product development. With a strong grounding in computing science, he spent the last decade getting early-stage products off the ground – both in startup and corporate settings. Follow Paweł on Twitter, LinkedIn and his personal website – pawel.io.

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