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            Michael Joseph Rosenthal

                Chief Executive Officer



Kaitlyn Tier
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Our Hosts

                        Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison is a software architect, author, and thought leader on cloud computing and application modernization. His best-selling book, Architecting for Scale (O’Reilly Media), is an essential resource for technical teams looking to maintain high availability and manage risk in their cloud environments.

                    Sean Falconer

Sean’s been an academic, startup founder, and Googler. He has published works covering a wide range of topics from information visualization to quantum computing. Currently, Sean is Head of Marketing and Developer Relations at Skyflow and host of the podcast Partially Redacted, a podcast about privacy and security engineering.

                    Josh Goldberg

Josh Goldberg is an independent full time open source developer in the TypeScript ecosystem. He works on projects that help developers write better TypeScript more easily, most notably on typescript-eslint: the tooling that enables ESLint and Prettier to run on TypeScript code.

                      Gregor Vand

Gregor Vand is a security-focused technologist, and is the founder and CTO of Mailpass. Previously, Gregor was a CTO across cybersecurity, cyber insurance and general software engineering companies.He has been based in Asia Pacific for almost a decade and can be found via his profile at vand.hk.

                         Joe Nash

Joe Nash is a developer, educator, and award-winning community builder, who has worked at companies including GitHub, Twilio, Unity, and PayPal. Joe got his start in software development by creating mods and running servers for Garry’s Mod, and game development remains his favorite way to experience and explore new technologies and concepts.

                         Mike Bifulco

Mike Bifulco is CTO and co-founder of Craftwork. He’s also a developer advocate, writer, podcaster and serial startup founder. Previously, Mike worked for Google, Stripe, Microsoft, and Gymnasium. Mike is also a co-founder of APIs You Won’t Hate, a community for API Developers on the web.


              Paweł Borkowski

Paweł is the founder at flat.social the world’s first ‘flatverse’ start-up and glot.space, an AI-powered language learning app. Pawel’s background is as a full-stack software engineer with a lean and experimental approach towards product development. With a strong grounding in computer science, he spent the last decade getting early-stage products off the ground – both in startup and corporate settings.

                Jocelyn Byrne Houle

Starting her career as a software developer, Jocelyn Houle is now a Senior Director of Product Management at Securiti.ai, a unified data protection and governance platform. Before that, she was an Operating Partner at Capital One Ventures investing in data and AI startups. Jocelyn has been a founder of two startups and a full life cycle, technical product manager at large companies like Fannie Mae, Microsoft and Capital One.

               Jordi Mon Companys

Jordi Mon Companys is a product manager and marketer that specializes in software delivery, developer experience, cloud native and open source. He has developed his career at companies like GitLab, Weaveworks, Harness and other platform and devtool providers. His interests range from software supply chain security to open source innovation.

                    Tyson Kunovsky 

Tyson is the co-founder and CEO of AutoCloud, an infrastructure as code platform. He is originally from South Africa, and has a background in software engineering and cloud development. When he’s not busy designing new GitOps workflows, he enjoys skiing, riding motorcycles, and reading sci-fi books. Check the show notes for more information on Tyson’s work, and where to find him.


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