Open Source

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Developer Community Management with Patrick Woods and Josh Dzielak

Many startups today begin their life as an open-source project. Open source projects allow early adopters of a technology to experiment, to contribute code and feedback, and to shape the

Airbyte: Open Source Data Integrations with Michel Tricot and John Lafleur

ELT, or “Extract, Load, and Transform,” is the process that modern data pipelines use to replicate data from a source and load it into a target system such as a cloud data warehouse.

Suborbital: WebAssembly Infrastructure with Connor Hicks

The complexity of building web applications seems to have grown exponentially in the last several years. This added complexity may bring power, but it can also make applications brittle,

Opstrace: Open Source Observability with Sebastien Pahl

Observability is a key feature of a well-architected application. Because building an observability system for a cloud application can be challenging, especially at scale, many

Datahub: Open Source Data Lake with Pardhu Gunnam and Mars Lan

As the volume and scope of data collected by an organization grow, tasks such as data discovery and data management grow in complexity. Simply put, the more data there is, the harder it