Machine Learning

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Tecton: Machine Learning Platform from Uber with Kevin Stumpf

Machine learning workflows have had a problem for a long time: taking a model from the prototyping step and putting it into production is not an easy task. A data scientist who is

Edge Machine Learning with Zach Shelby

Devices on the edge are becoming more useful with improvements in the machine learning ecosystem. TensorFlow Lite allows machine learning models to run on microcontrollers and other

Rasa: Conversational AI with Tom Bocklisch

Chatbots became widely popular around 2016 with the growth of chat platforms like Slack and voice interfaces such as Amazon Alexa. As chatbots came into use, so did the infrastructure

Snorkel: Training Dataset Management with Braden Hancock

Machine learning models require the use of training data, and that data needs to be labeled. Today, we have high quality data infrastructure tools such as TensorFlow, but we don’t have

Descript with Andrew Mason

Descript is a software product for editing podcasts and video. Descript is a deceptively powerful tool, and its software architecture includes novel usage of transcription APIs,