Machine Learning

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Computer Architecture with Dave Patterson Holiday Repeat

Originally published November 7, 2018 An instruction set defines a low level programming language for moving information throughout a computer. In the early 1970’s, the prevalent

Cruise: Self-Driving Engineering with Mo Elshenawy Holiday Repeat

October 1, 2019 The development of self-driving cars is one of the biggest technological changes that is under way. Across the world, thousands of engineers are working on developing

Model Deployment and Serving with Chaoyu Yang

Newer machine learning tooling is often focused on streamlining the workflows and developer experience. One such tool is BentoML. BentoML is a workflow that allows data scientists and

Humanloop: NLP Model Engineering with Raza Habib

Data labeling is a major bottleneck in training and deploying machine learning and especially NLP. But new tools for training models with humans in the loop can drastically reduce how

Federated Learning with Mike Lee Williams

Federated learning is machine learning without a centralized data source. Federated Learning enables mobile phones or edge servers to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model