Machine Learning

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Federated Learning with Mike Lee Williams

Federated learning is machine learning without a centralized data source. Federated Learning enables mobile phones or edge servers to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model

Labelbox: Data Labeling Platform

Machine learning models require training data, and training data needs to be labeled. Raw images and text can be labeled using a training data platform like Labelbox. Labelbox is a

Roboflow: Computer Vision Models with Brad Dwyer

Training a computer vision model is not easy. Bottlenecks in the development process make it even harder. Ad hoc code, inconsistent data sets, and other workflow issues hamper the

Aquarium: Dataset Quality Improvement with Peter Gao

Machine learning models are only as good as the datasets they’re trained on. Aquarium is a system that helps machine learning teams make better models by improving their dataset

Elementary Robotics with Arye Barnehama

Factories require quality assurance work. That QA work can be accomplished by a robot with a camera together with computer vision. This allows for sophisticated inspection techniques