Machine Learning

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WebAssembly on IoT with Jonathan Beri (Repeat)

Originally published July 30, 2019 “Internet of Things” is a term used to describe the increasing connectivity and intelligence of physical objects within our lives.  IoT has

Drishti: Deep Learning for Manufacturing with Krish Chaudhury (Repeat)

Originally published April 17, 2019 Drishti is a company focused on improving manufacturing workflows using computer vision. A manufacturing environment consists of assembly lines. A

Niantic Real World with Paul Franceus (Repeat)

Originally published June 21, 2019 Niantic is the company behind Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game where users walk around in the real world and catch Pokemon which appear on their

Practical AI with Chris Benson (Repeat)

Originally published December 9, 2019 Machine learning algorithms have existed for decades. But in the last ten years, several advancements in software and hardware have caused dramatic

Kubeflow: TensorFlow on Kubernetes with David Aronchick (Repeat)

Originally published January 25, 2019 When TensorFlow came out of Google, the machine learning community converged around it. TensorFlow is a framework for building machine learning