Machine Learning

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Traces: Video Recognition with Veronica Yurchuk and Kostyantyn Shysh

Video surveillance impacts human lives every day.  On most days, we do not feel the impact of video surveillance. But the effects of video surveillance have tremendous potential. It can

Cruise: Self-Driving Engineering with Mo Elshenawy

The development of self-driving cars is one of the biggest technological changes that is under way. Across the world, thousands of engineers are working on developing self-driving cars. Machine Learning for Sales with Andrey Akselrod

A large sales organization has hundreds of sales people. Each of those sales people manages a set of accounts who they are trying to close sales deals on. Sales people are overseen by

WebAssembly on IoT with Jonathan Beri

“Internet of Things” is a term used to describe the increasing connectivity and intelligence of physical objects within our lives.  IoT has manifested within enterprises under the

Afresh: Grocery Store Software with Volodymyr Kuleshov

A grocery store contains fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, and other items that can expire. In order to keep these items in stock, the store must be aware of how much food has been sold