Machine Learning

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Human Sized Robots with Zach Allen

Robots are making their way into every area of our lives. Security robots roll around industrial parks at night, monitoring the area for intruders. Amazon robots tirelessly move packages

Word2Vec with Adrian Colyer Holiday Repeat

Originally posted on 13 September 2017. Machines understand the world through mathematical representations. In order to train a machine learning model, we need to describe everything in

Self-Driving Deep Learning with Lex Fridman Holiday Repeat

Originally posted on 28 July 2017. Self-driving cars are here. Fully autonomous systems like Waymo are being piloted in less complex circumstances. Human-in-the-loop systems like Tesla

Poker Artificial Intelligence with Noam Brown Holiday Repeat

Originally posted on May 12, 2015. Humans have now been defeated by computers at heads up no-limit holdem poker. Some people thought this wouldn’t be possible. Sure, we can teach a

Reflow: Distributed Incremental Processing with Marius Eriksen

The volume of data in the world is always increasing. The costs of storing that data is always decreasing. And the means for processing that data is always evolving. Sensors, cameras,