Machine Learning

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Snorkel: Training Dataset Management with Braden Hancock

Machine learning models require the use of training data, and that data needs to be labeled. Today, we have high quality data infrastructure tools such as TensorFlow, but we don’t have

Descript with Andrew Mason

Descript is a software product for editing podcasts and video. Descript is a deceptively powerful tool, and its software architecture includes novel usage of transcription APIs,

Anyscale with Ion Stoica

Machine learning applications are widely deployed across the software industry.  Most of these applications used supervised learning, a process in which labeled data sets are used to

Practical AI with Chris Benson

Machine learning algorithms have existed for decades. But in the last ten years, several advancements in software and hardware have caused dramatic growth in the viability of

Future of Computing with John Hennessy Holiday Repeat

Originally published June 7, 2018 Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. Moore’s Law is less like a “law”