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Staff Engineering with Will Larson

Staff engineer is a job title that suggests the engineer has deep expertise, and considerable experience. More and more companies are adopting a “staff engineer track” where an

Salesforce Developers with Chuck Liddell

The Salesforce Ecosystem has thousands of developers, designers, product people, and entrepreneurs engaging with each other. Salesforce exposes APIs and SDKs that allow people to build

GitDuck: Pair Programming Tool with Dragos Fotescu and Thiago Monteiro

Pair programming allows developers to partner on solving problems and learn from each other more effectively. Pair programming has become harder to do as remote work has become more

Datafold: Data Quality Tooling with Gleb Mezhanskiy

Effective data science requires clean data. As data moves through the data pipeline, there may be errors introduced. Errors can also arise from code changes, database migrations, and

Federated Learning with Mike Lee Williams

Federated learning is machine learning without a centralized data source. Federated Learning enables mobile phones or edge servers to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model