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Open Source Ecosystem with Dirk Hohndel

Open source software is very new. Open source has existed for less than 30-40 years, depending on who you ask. The idea of open source was popularized by Linux, and open source software

Distributed Databases with Aly Cabral

Modern databases consist of multiple servers that host the data in a distributed fashion. Using multiple servers allows a database to be resilient to the failure of any one database

Kafka Applications with Tim Berglund

Ever since Apache Kafka was open sourced from LinkedIn, it has been used to solve a wide variety of problems in distributed systems and data engineering. Kafka is a distributed messaging

Okta Engineering with Hector Aguilar

A new employee at a software company needs access to a variety of tools. In order to get started working, the employee might need Slack, email, Google Docs, and Amazon Web Services, and

Cloud-Native Applications with Cornelia Davis

Amazon Web Services first came out in 2006. It took several years before the software industry realized that cloud computing was a transformative piece of technology. Initially, the