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Tetrate Service Bridge with Zack Butcher

Microservice architecture has become a ubiquitous design choice.  Application developers typically have neither the training nor the interest in implementing low-level security features

Understandable Software with Kartik Agaram

Many software projects run the risk of evolving over time to a complex state that is inhospitable for new contributors to join.  This is a dangerous place for a company to be.  Either

The Software of Climate Adaptation with Gopal Erinjippurath

Climate modeling is increasingly important as supply chains, emergency management, and dozens of other efforts need to make predictions about future conditions and how they will impact

Responsibly Deploy AI in Production with Anupam Datta

Once a machine learning model is trained and validated, it often feels like a major milestone has been achieved.  In reality, it’s more like the first lap in a relay race.  Deploying

Internship Management Solutions with Nikita Gupta from

Internships can be an incredibly valuable resource to new professionals and are often the first professional work experience for many participants.  It’s often the case that