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Coinrule Automated Crypto Trading with Zdenek Hofler

Between hyper financialisation and the growth of automation in the world, trade and investments have become an ever more prevalent and important tool for the mass market. But the

Protocol Labs Research with Jeromy Johnson

Breakthroughs from labs that are exclusively or mostly focused on research tend to stay buried as papers. Sometimes the lag is natural, the research is far ahead of its broad

Building for Crypto with Lewis Tuff

As crypto gains worldwide attention, the most scalable, resilient and performant systems are required for the industry to thrive. Products must be designed for a mix of technical and

Kubernetes Spend with Webb Brown

This episode is hosted by Lee Atchison. Lee Atchison is a software architect, author, and thought leader on cloud computing and application modernization. His most recent book,

Valora Decentralized Venmo with Charlie Andrews-Jubelt

Web3 promises to change the way we interact and transact online, but today’s dapps and wallets are hard to use. They are typically optimized for desktop machines and domain experts. In