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Tetrate: Application Aware Networking with Varun Talwar

An application network is a way to connect applications, data and devices through APIs that expose some or all of their assets and data on the network. That network allows other

Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs with Tomasz Lelek

A software engineer will make many mistakes on their career journey.  In time, engineers learn to make smaller mistakes, recognize them faster, and build with appropriate guardrails. 

Distributed Open Source Databases with Jonathan Ellis and Spencer Kimball

By most accounts, the first databases came on line in the 1960s. This class of software has continued to evolve alongside the technology it runs on and the applications it supports. In

Instabase with Anant Bhardwaj

Instabase is a technology platform for building automation solutions. Users deploy it onto their own infrastructure and can leverage the tools offered by the platform to build complex

The Tech Radar with Lior Kanfi

The Israeli Tech Radar is an opinionated map of the latest technologies and trends in the Israeli tech industry. Now in its fifth edition, the Tech Radar was built in collaboration with