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OpenBase: JavaScript Package Selection with Lior Grossman

The JavaScript ecosystem has millions of packages. How do you choose from those packages to find the best in breed for your projects? OpenBase is a system for searching and discovering

Data Protection with Dave Cole

Data leaks can cause privacy violations and other cloud security vulnerabilities. Visibility and control of cloud resources can help secure data and ensure compliance and governance.

Banking and Money Flows with Sam Aarons

Banking and money management are at the core of many modern applications. Payment operations teams work to enable the transfer of funds between different bank accounts, and to track the

Retool with David Hsu

Internal tools are often built with Ruby on Rails or NodeJS. Developers create entire full-fledged applications in order to suit simple needs such as database lookups, dashboarding, and

Microservice Routing with Tobias Kunze BriseƱo

Microservices route requests between each other. As the underlying infrastructure changes, this routing becomes more complex and dynamic. The interaction patterns across this