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Enterprise Investing with Ed Sim

Investing in enterprise software has become a competitive business. Lots of venture capital firms compete for the good deals at every stage. This level of competition has driven more

Elementary Robotics with Arye Barnehama

Factories require quality assurance work. That QA work can be accomplished by a robot with a camera together with computer vision. This allows for sophisticated inspection techniques

Superhuman with Rahul Vohra

The most popular email client is Gmail, the web-based email client from Google. Gmail is dominant, but that dominance has come at a price, namely speed. Gmail caters to the lowest common

Internet Archive Book Scanning with Davide Semenzin

The Internet Archive collects historical records of the Internet. The Wayback Machine is one tool from the Internet Archive which you may be familiar with. One project you may be

UnifyID: Biometric Authentication with John Whaley

Biometric authentication uses signals from a human’s unique biology to verify identity. Forms of biometric authentication include fingerprints, eye patterns, and the way a person