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Permissionless Innovation with Joseph Jacks

Open source software allows developers to take code from the Internet and modify it for their own use. Open source has allowed innovation to occur on a massive scale. Today, open source

Google Earth WebAssembly with Jordon Mears

Google Earth allows users to explore the imagery of the real world. Imagery for Google Earth is taken from satellites, cars equipped with cameras, and other sources. Google Earth renders

FoundationDB with Ryan Worl

FoundationDB is a multi-model distributed key-value store. It is fully ACID compliant and horizontally scalable. FoundationDB is not usually used directly by an application

FindCollabs Hackathon Winners: Kitspace and Rivaly

FindCollabs is a platform for finding collaborators and building projects. Three months ago we had our first hackathon, with lots of projects being created and collaborated on. In an

Citus Data: Founding to Acquisition with Umur Cubukcu

A new database company needs to solve numerous problems in order to succeed. There are already lots of existing database companies, so a new company needs to find a way to strongly