Modern Web Scraping with Erez Naveh

Today it’s estimated there are over 1 billion websites on the internet. Much of this content is optimized to be viewed by human eyes, not consumed by machines. However, creating systems to automatically parse and structure the web greatly extends its utility, and paves the way for innovative solutions and applications. The industry of web scraping has emerged to do just that. However, many websites erect obstacles to hinder web scraping. This has created a new kind of arms race between developers and anti-scraping software.

Bright Data has developed some of the most sophisticated consumer tools available to scrape public web data. Erez Naveh is an entrepreneur and former engineer at Meta. He is currently the VP of Product at Bright Data. Erez joins us in this episode to talk about Bright Data’s mission to structure the open web, and the toolkit they’ve developed to make this possible.

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