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Facebook Fallout with Antonio Garcia Martinez

Chaos Monkeys is a book about Silicon Valley startups and Facebook. It is one of the most accurate books written about the modern technology industry, and captures both the negatives and

Facebook Reflections with Pete Hunt and Nick Schrock

Facebook engineering is unique. Software is built at Facebook in a way that is distinctly different than any other company. In our series of shows about Facebook engineering, we have

Facebook Products with Peter Deng

Peter Deng has worked on most of Facebook’s major products: Newsfeed, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger. These different products have different requirements, but are all part of the

Facebook Entrepreneurship with Jeff Rothschild

Jeff Rothschild was one of the earliest engineers to join Facebook. In the 1990s, Jeff had co-founded Veritas Software and helped it to its IPO in 2004. After Veritas, Jeff worked on

Crypto Businesses with Haseeb Qureshi

Cryptocurrencies are a fundamental computer science invention.  Cryptocurrencies crashed in 2018 but the technology remains as promising as ever. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency,