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Software Businesses with Hiten Shah

The software market changes every year. As individuals and enterprises become more willing to buy software, there are new markets for entrepreneurs to sell software to. Good software has

Digital Transformation: Capital One with Hillary McTigue

Cloud computing, open source, and mobile computing are trends that affect every organization. When a large organization adapts to these trends, it is commonly referred to as a “digital

Facebook Strategy with Mike Vernal

Facebook’s strategy is shaped by long term goals, short term requirements, and the available resources of the company. Long term goals are necessary for thinking through big decisions

Facebook Management with Jocelyn Goldfein

Facebook engineering is designed to self-assemble. When an engineer joins Facebook, the engineer goes through boot camp, where they are exposed to multiple projects to find a good fit in

Facebook Developers with Nick Schrock

When Facebook was scaling in its early years, the company developed engineering practices that were unlike any other organization before it. Early Facebook engineering developed unusual