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Internship Management Solutions with Nikita Gupta from

Internships can be an incredibly valuable resource to new professionals and are often the first professional work experience for many participants.  It’s often the case that

Building Engineering Teams with Tramale Turner

With a few impressive exceptions, software is rarely written by one person.  It takes a team and as that team outgrows a single shared office, coordination and communication become

AI in Sales with Ohad Parush

To many people’s surprise tech sales is not much of an art. It’s actually a regimented science where reps have clear step-by-step processes to bring in new business. Each stage takes

Treasury Prime with Christopher Dean

The banking industry uses technology that some modern software engineers may regard as out of date or old-fashioned.  Entrepreneurs wanting to create products in the banking space

The Future of Quality Engineering with Liliya Frye

It wasn’t that long ago that companies scheduled downtime in order to release an updated version of the software running their website.  That’s rare today.  Most developers want