Seeding Bold Engineers with Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards is a Partner at Root Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups that are focused on solving hard engineering problems. Lee is an investor in Privacy Dynamics, a company that offers data anonymisation as a service. You can listen to our interview with the CTO of Privacy Dynamics, John Craft here.

Lee is interested in investing in startups founded by engineers who are committed to addressing complex software challenges. This includes areas such as developer tools and services, software infrastructure, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, tooling for data scientists and engineers, computer vision, and any other endeavor that requires a highly skilled technical team to develop.

This epsiode is hosted by Jocelyn Houle. Jocelyn is focused on data, ML and enterprise software. She has experience as a founder, investor, and product leader and has worked with both start-ups and large financial services companies. Jocelyn is currently a Senior Director of Product management for Securiti, a unified data controls company. Follow Jocelyn on Linked or on Twitter @jocelynbyrne.


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This segment of Software Engineering Daily is brought to you by Privacy Dynamics, the simple solution for anonymizing data intelligently.

Development and testing environments are the number one source of costly data breaches. Privacy Dynamics creates a de-identified copy of your production data in minutes, allowing developers to maintain their velocity and improve testing without taking on unnecessary compliance and security risks.

Using a proprietary approach based on the latest research, Privacy Dynamics automatically detects and eliminates PII while maintaining the schema, format, scale, and analytical utility of the source data. With a simple integration into any data store, Privacy Dynamics anonymizes data in Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, Big Query, S3 and more.

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Microservices have transformed software. If your organization hasn’t transitioned into using them , there’s a good chance it will in the future. There are a lot of complex aspects to consider as part of that: portability, automation, security, and observability to name a few. 

To get ready, start by signing up for Microservices March – a free event hosted by our friends at NGINX. The program is a 4-week series of demos and labs that teach the fundamentals of microservices and how to deliver them successfully.  

This event is great because the training is all self-paced and flexible: You can choose the bits and pieces you want to spend time on, and do it on your own schedule.  

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