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Software IPOs with Tomasz Tunguz

Software companies such as Slack, Zoom, and Uber have recently gone public. When a company goes public, they issue a document called an S-1. Within the S-1, there is a wealth of

TechLitAfrica: Computer Literacy in Africa with Tyler Cinnamon

In the developed world, it is easy to take for granted that we grew up with computers. Technology is so pervasive in the United States that we have debates about how early in child

Emerging Markets: Vietnam with Charles Lee

From Africa to India to Asia to South America–computer science and programming are rising in popularity in every emerging market. Each of these markets has regional needs for

Facebook Engineering Culture with Raylene Yung

Facebook moves fast because of vision, collaboration, and trust. The fast pace of development is enabled by constantly improving infrastructure and a sense of unity throughout the

Software Media with Charles Max Wood

Software engineers have a wide variety of media to choose from, including podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, conferences. The amount of software engineering media that is available is