Business and Philosophy

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Infrastructure Investing with Vivek Saraswat

Software investing requires a deep understanding of the market, and an ability to predict what changes might occur in the near future. At the level of core infrastructure, software

Cloud Investing with Danel Dayan

Cloud computing caused a fundamental economic shift in how software is built. Before the cloud, businesses needed to buy physical servers in order to operate. There was an up-front cost

Makerpad: Low Code Tools with Ben Tossell

Low code tools can be used to build an increasing number of applications. Knowledge workers within a large corporation can use low code tools to augment their usage of spreadsheets.

Parabola: No-Code Data Workflows with Alex Yaseen

Every company has a large number of routine data workflows. These data workflows involve spreadsheets, CSV files, and tedious manual work to be done by a knowledge worker.  For example,

Courier with Troy Goode

A gig economy application generates lots of notifications.  There is SMS, mobile phone updates, emails, and native application updates. If you order a ride from Uber, you might receive