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Scale with Alexandr Wang

Machine learning is widely understood by the software community. But it is still hard to build a company around machine learning, because there is not easy access to large, unique data

Alluxio: Data Orchestration with Haoyuan Li

In 2013, the Berkeley AMPLab was a center of innovation.  Three projects from AMPLab have turned into successful open source projects and companies: Spark, Mesos, and Alluxio. Haoyuan

Redis with Alvin Richards

Redis is an in-memory database that persists to disk. Redis is commonly used as an object cache for web applications. Applications are composed of caches and databases. A cache typically

LinkedIn Data Platform with Carl Steinbach

LinkedIn is a social network with petabytes of data.  In order to store that data, LinkedIn distributes and replicates that data across a large cluster of machines running the Hadoop

Incident Reproduction with Tammy Butow

Databases go offline. Services fail to scale up. Deployment errors can cause an application backend to get DDoS’d. When an event happens that prevents your company from operating as