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Cassandra Business with Jonathan Ellis

Cassandra was initially released in 2008 as a project out of Facebook. Cassandra offered an open source solution to database scalability issues that were being tackled internally by

DevOps at Delta Air Lines with Jasmine James

Airlines have always had an emphasis on new technology. Over the years, airlines have needed to develop more and more software. Digital transformation is causing every large company to

Facebook Scaling with Pedram Keyani

Facebook is a large multiuser application. Scaling Facebook was different than scaling a single-user application such as an ecommerce store or a search engine. A social network is faced

Time Series Databases with Rob Skillington

A time series database is optimized for the storage of high volumes of sequential data across time. Time series databases are often organized as columnar data stores that can write large

Data-As-A-Service with Auren Hoffman

Data-as-a-service businesses offer paid access to data sets. These data sets can be useful for building products or training machine learning models.  There has been steady growth in