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OneGraph: GraphQL Tooling with Sean Grove

GraphQL is a system that allows frontend engineers to make requests across multiple data sources using a simple query format. In GraphQL, a frontend developer does not have to worry

DBT: Data Build Tool with Tristan Handy

A data warehouse serves the purpose of providing low latency queries for high volumes of data. A data warehouse is often part of a data pipeline, which moves data through different areas

Infrastructure Management with Joey Parsons

At Airbnb, infrastructure management is standardized across the organization. Platform engineering teams build tools that allow the other teams throughout the organization to work more

Data Infrastructure Investing with Eric Anderson

In a modern data platform, distributed streaming systems are used to read data coming off of an application in real-time. There are a wide variety of streaming systems, including Kafka

Materialize: Streaming SQL on Timely Data with Arjun Narayan and Frank McSherry

Distributed stream processing frameworks are used to rapidly ingest and aggregate large volumes of incoming data. These frameworks often require the application developer to write