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MemGraph with Dominik Tomicevic

Relational databases have been a fixture of software applications for decades.  They are highly tuned for performance and typically offer explicit guarantees like transactional

Amplemarket with João Batalha

The lifeblood of most companies is their sales departments.  When you’re selling something other than a commodity, it’s typically necessary to carefully groom the onboarding

Metaplane with Kevin Hu

Application observability is a fairly mature area.  Engineering teams have a wide selection of tools they can choose to adopt and a significant amount of thought leadership and

Risk and Compliance with Terry O’Daniel

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of how detrimental it can be when companies mismanage data.  This demand has fueled regulations, defined standards, and applied pressure to

Scalable Streaming Video with Amit Mishra

The internet is a layer cake of technologies and protocols.  At a fundamental level, the internet runs on the TCP/IP protocol.  It’s a packet based system.  When your browser