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Scalable Streaming Video with Amit Mishra

The internet is a layer cake of technologies and protocols.  At a fundamental level, the internet runs on the TCP/IP protocol.  It’s a packet based system.  When your browser

Observability Using with Christine Yen

It does not matter if it runs on your machine.  Your code must run in the production environment and it must do so performantly.  For that, you need tooling to better understand your

Location-Based Experiences Using Foursquare with Ankit Patel

The manner in which users interact with technology has rapidly switched to mobile consumption.  The devices almost all of us carry with us at all times open endless opportunities for

Datadog with Omri Sass and Hugo Kaczmarek

Modern business applications are complex.  It’s not enough to have raw logs or some basic telemetry.  Today’s enterprise organizations require an application performance

Infrastructure as Code with Christian Tragesser

Infrastructure as Code is an approach to machine provisioning and setup in which a programmer describes the underlying services they need for their projects.  However, this