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DaaS with Auren Hoffman

Auren Hoffman is the CEO of SafeGraph. In this episode we discuss data as a service and more. This interview was also recorded as a video podcast. Check out the video on the Software

Reverse ETL: Operationalizing Data Warehouses with Tejas Manohar

Enterprise data warehouses store all company data in a single place to be accessed, queried, and analyzed. They’re essential for business operations because they support managing data

Prophecy: Apple of Data Engineering with Raj Bains

Prophecy is a complete Low-Code Data Engineering Platform for the Enterprise. Prophecy enables all your teams on Apache Spark with a unique low-code designer. While you visually build

Pulsar Rerevisted with Enrico Olivelli

In the previous episode, Pulsar Revisited, we discussed how the company DataStax has added to their product stack Astra Streaming, their cloud-native messaging and event streaming

CockroachDB: Distributed Databases and Containerization with Spencer Kimball

In 2003, Google developed a robust cluster management system called Borg. This enabled them to manage clusters with tens of thousands of machines, moving them away from virtual machines