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Splitgraph: Data Catalog and Proxy with Miles Richardson and Artjoms Iškovs

Data science requires data sets to be cataloged and indexed. The data sets are versioned and might be in CSV files in S3, a database, or another data storage system. Splitgraph allows

Messaging APIs with John Kim

Sendbird is a company that makes chat, voice, and video APIs for developers. The biggest company in this category is arguably Twilio, but Sendbird works at a higher level of abstraction,

Hightouch: Customer Data Warehouse

A customer data platform such as Segment allows developers to build analytics and workflows around customer data such as purchases, clicks, and other interactions. These customer data

Fivetran and DBT with George Fraser

Fivetran is a company that builds data integration infrastructure. If your company is performing ELT or ETL jobs to move data from one place to another, Fivetran can help with that

Salesforce Developers with Chuck Liddell

The Salesforce Ecosystem has thousands of developers, designers, product people, and entrepreneurs engaging with each other. Salesforce exposes APIs and SDKs that allow people to build