Daytona with Ivan Burazin

Cloud-based software development platforms such as GitHub Codespaces continue to grow in popularity. These platforms are attractive to enterprise organizations because they can be managed centrally with security controls. However, many, if not most, developers prefer a local IDE.
Daytona is aiming to bridge that gap. It’s a layer between a local IDE and a backend server, so developers can work locally while interfacing invisibly with a remote environment. Ivan Burazin is the CEO and Co-Founder at Daytona, and he joins the show today to talk about how Daytona works, Spotify as an inspiration for his product, and more.

Jordi Mon Companys is a product manager and marketer that specializes in software delivery, developer experience, cloud native and open source. He has developed his career at companies like GitLab, Weaveworks, Harness and other platform and devtool providers. His interests range from software supply chain security to open source innovation. You can reach out to him on Twitter at @jordimonpmm

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