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Data Loss Prevention with Yasir Ali

Data loss can occur when large data sources such as Slack or Google Drive get leaked. In order to detect and avoid leaks, a data asset graph can be built to understand the risks of a

Airbyte Engineering with Michel Tricot

Data integration infrastructure is not easy to build. Moving large amounts of data from one place to another has historically required developers to build ad hoc integration points to

Select Star with Shinji Kim

Modern organizations eventually face data governance challenges.  Keeping track of where data came from, what systems update it, in what ways updates can be made are just some of the

Time Series IoT on InfluxDB with Brian Gilmore

The solution many turn to for capturing their streaming data is InfluxDB.  In this episode, I interview Brian Gilmore, Director of Product Management at InfluxData, about how real time

Data Engineering Trends with Lior Gavish and James Densmore

 Lior Gavish James Densmore Data infrastructure is a fast-moving sector of the software market. As the volume of data has increased, so too has the quality of tooling to support data