GraphAware with Luanne Misquitta

Knowledge graphs are an intuitive way to define relationships between objects, events, situations, and concepts. Their ability to encode this information makes them an attractive database paradigm.

Hume is a graph-based analysis solution developed by GraphAware. It represents data as a network of interconnected entities and provides analysis capabilities to extract insights from the data. Luanne Misquitta is VP of Engineering at GraphAware and she joins the show today to talk about graph databases, and the engineering of Hume.

Starting her career as a software developer, Jocelyn Houle is now a Senior Director of Product Management at, a unified data protection and governance platform. Before that, she was an Operating Partner at Capital One Ventures investing in data and AI startups. Jocelyn has been a founder of two startups and a full life cycle, technical product manager at large companies like Fannie Mae, Microsoft and Capital One.  Follow Jocelyn on LinkedIn  or Twitter @jocelynbyrne.

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