Cloud Engineering

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CockroachDB with Jordan Lewis

SQL databases were built for data consistency and vertical scalability. They did this very well for the long era of monolithic applications running in dedicated, single-server

Kubefirst with Frédéric Harper

Frédéric Harper is the Principal Developer Advocate at Kubefirst, which is an open source platform that integrates some of the most popular tools in the Kubernetes space. Frédéric

Supabase Security with Inian Parameshwaran

Supabase is an open source backend-as-a-service platform and competes directly with Google’s Firebase. A key distinction between them is that Firebase is a document store, while

Kubernetes at Google with Ben Elder

Containers make it possible to standardize the deployment of software to any compute environment. However, managing and orchestrating containers at scale is a major challenge. Kubernetes

KubeCon Special: Docker with Justin Cormack

This episode of Software Engineering Daily is part of our on-site coverage of KubeCon 2023, which took place from November 6th through 9th in Chicago. In today’s interview, host Jordi