Cloud Engineering

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GraalVM Quarkus: Java Acceleration with Guillaume Smet and Emmanuel Bernard

Java programs run in a different environment than they did ten years ago. Modern infrastructure runs on containers sitting in a Kubernetes cluster. The optimal configuration for a Java

Dark Lang with Ellen Chisa and Paul Biggar

Dark Lang is a programming language that is tightly integrated with the cloud.  Dark takes an opinionated approach that most developers are going to want to run their applications in

Gravity: Distributed Application Delivery with Ev Kontsevoy

Modern applications are distributed systems. These applications require an installation mechanism that can run and update the software across multiple nodes.  When a SaaS company starts

How To Build A Cloud Provider with Anurag Goel

Render is a cloud provider built on top of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Render uses the compute abstractions provided by the major cloud providers to build a second layer cloud

Cloud Foundry with Abby Kearns

Cloud Foundry is a system for managing distributed applications. Cloud Foundry was released in 2011, and has been widely adopted by enterprises that need a platform for deploying and