Cloud Engineering

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Kubernetes at Cruise with Karl Isenberg

Cruise is a company that is building a fully automated self-driving car service. The infrastructure of a self-driving car platform presents a large number of new engineering problems.

Linkerd Market Strategy with William Morgan

The container orchestration wars ended in 2016 with Kubernetes being the most popular open source tool for deploying and managing infrastructure. Since that time, most large enterprises

Istio Market Strategy with Zack Butcher

Kubernetes has created a widespread system for deploying and managing infrastructure. As Kubernetes has been increasingly adopted, companies are thinking about how to leverage that

Heroku Infrastructure with Mark Turner

A cloud provider gives a developer low-cost compute infrastructure on-demand.  Cloud providers can be divided up into two categories: Layer 1 cloud providers and Layer 2 cloud

Cloud Dependencies with Mya Pitzeruse

New software abstractions always take advantage of the abstractions that have been built before. Software libraries allow us to import code that sits on the same host as a new program.