Cloud Engineering

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Render with Anurag Goel

As cloud providers enable greater levels of specificity and control, they empower compliance-driven enterprise companies.  This level of parameterization is downright inhospitable to a

Software Engineering at Google with Titus Winters

Thanks to the amazing books, blogs, videos, quickstarts, frameworks, and other software-related resources, getting started as a software engineer is easier than ever.  Although you can

Yotascale with Jake Reichert

Modern businesses run on the cloud and increasingly so they run on multi-cloud infrastructure.  As any growing company can tell you, cloud costs can easily run far out of control. 

Remote Development in the Cloud with Gitpod & OpenVSCode Server with Sven Efftinge

One of the most painful parts of getting started on a new development team is getting one’s environment set up.  Whether it’s undocumented steps, overly complex setups, or simply

Developer Relations at Google with Luke Mahe

The last 15 years have seen the emergence of cloud-based developer APIs and services as dominant components of the developer toolchain. As a result, there has never been more power at