Cloud Engineering

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Kubernetes Market with Adam Glick

Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud provider by a large margin. Amazon established its lead by being first to market in 2006, with Google and Microsoft taking several years to catch

Service Mesh Interface with Lachlan Evenson

Containers offer a lightweight abstraction for running a server. Cloud providers are able to manage billions of containers from different users, allowing for economies of scale so that

Multicloud Future with Bassam Tabbara

Each cloud provider offers a different set of services which are not always compatible with each other. What are the challenges of building an application that interoperates with

Kubernetes Development with Tim Hockin

Kubernetes has evolved from a nascent project within Google to a thriving ecosystem of cloud providers, open source projects, and engineers. Tim Hockin is a principal software engineer

Google Anthos with Aparna Sinha

Google’s cloud business was long regarded as a place where startups could build a business, but not established enterprises. For serious workloads, enterprises chose Amazon almost