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NVIDIA and the Future of 3D Development with Aaron Luk

Producing 3D films, games and simulations is a complex process, often involving multiple teams and tools. At Pixar, pipeline engineers needed to write lots of glue code to integrate

SimpleWebAuthn with Matthew Miller

SimpleWebAuthn is an open source TypeScript-centric pair of libraries – frontend and backend – that make it easier for devs to implement WebAuthn on the web. Matthew Miller

Biotech Special: a16z and the Biotech Revolution with Vijay Pande

There is a revolution unfolding in biotech. The confluence of new biological methods like CRISPR, virtually unlimited computational capacity, and machine learning has fundamentally

Building a Unified Hardware API at Intel with James Reinders

oneAPI is an open standard for a unified API to be used across different computing accelerator architectures. This including GPUs, AI accelerators, and FPGAs. The goal of oneAPI is to

The Godot Game Engine with Emilio Coppola

A game engine is a system used to build and run games. Game engines let the programmer work at a high level of abstraction by providing interfaces for graphics, physics, and scripting.