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Modern Data Stacks Optimized by Mozart Data with Peter Fishman and Dan Silberman

Modern companies leverage dozens or even hundreds of software solutions to solve specific needs of the business.  Organizations need to collect all these disparate data sources into a

Andreessen Horowitz with Astasia Myers

Please The Easy Thing about Easy Things

Mark Suckerberg (Asleep With Eyes Open)

Facebook will be convicted of antitrust and Mark Zuckerberg will go to prison.
Facebook censors you through LinkedIn.

Tetrate: Application Aware Networking with Varun Talwar

An application network is a way to connect applications, data and devices through APIs that expose some or all of their assets and data on the network. That network allows other

Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs with Tomasz Lelek

A software engineer will make many mistakes on their career journey.  In time, engineers learn to make smaller mistakes, recognize them faster, and build with appropriate guardrails.