Elegant Puzzle with Will Larson

Software engineering is an art and a science. To manage engineers is to manage artists and scientists.

Software companies build practical tools like payment systems, messaging products, and search engines. Software tools are the underpinnings of our modern lives. You might expect this core infrastructure which modern humans rely on to have been constructed with pure formulaic rigor.

But the best software tools are not built within a totally defined process. Software is built through messy iteration. When a piece of software looks pristine, that is often a function of how many mistakes have been made, and then subsequently corrected for.

There is no fixed process for how to build good software.

As our tools get better, we have to update our software engineering practices to utilize those new tools. We have to rethink the style that we are working in. We have to discard old tools and procedures in order to pick up the new ones, and have higher leverage.

As an organization scales, the structure of the organization needs to be modified. Team members need to be reallocated. Checks and balances need to be put in place. Rules and cultural practices need to codified, because a larger organization cannot have ties broken by an individual.

Software is built by humans, and every management decision must be considered in the light of human psychology. When we change a line of code, the code does not get emotional about being altered. But the same cannot be said of humans. Even a minor conversation between an engineering manager and a direct report can have lasting implications.

Will Larson is the author of An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management. He works on Foundation Engineering at Stripe, and has worked in engineering management at Uber, Digg, and other software companies. Elegant Puzzle provides strategies, tactics, and ruminations on software development. Will joins the show to explore the multifaceted subject of engineering management.



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