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Software Moats with Astasia Myers

Investors often use the term “moat” to describe the durable competitive advantage of a company. When an investor puts money into a company, they are making that investment based on a

Stripe Infrastructure Management with Uma Chingunde

Software engineering is a new field. There are theories about how we should be building our systems, but these theories might change over time. The same is true for engineering

Life Insurance Engineering with Vipul Sharma and Lingke Wang

Ethos Life Insurance is a software company that sells life insurance products. Software is reshaping established industries such as banking, insurance, and manufacturing. In these large,

WebAssembly Isolation with Tyler McMullen

Isolation is a fundamental concept in computer science. Software workloads are isolated from each other in order to keep resource access cleanly separated.  When programs are properly

Cloud Foundry with Abby Kearns

Cloud Foundry is a system for managing distributed applications. Cloud Foundry was released in 2011, and has been widely adopted by enterprises that need a platform for deploying and