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Presto with Justin Borgman

A data platform contains all of the data that a company has accumulated over the years. Across a data platform, there is a multitude of data sources: databases, a data lake, data

Nubank Data Engineering with Sujith Nair

Nubank is a popular bank that is based in Brazil. Nubank has more than 20 million customers, and has accumulated a high volume of data over the six years since it was started. Mobile

Changelog Podcasting with Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo

The Changelog is a podcast about the world of open source. As open source has become closely tied with the entire software development lifecycle, The Changelog has expanded its coverage

Rive: Animation Tooling with Guido and Luigi Rosso

Animations can be used to create games, app tutorials, and user interface components. Animations can be seen in messaging apps, where animated reactions can convey rich feelings over a

John Deere: Farm Software with Ryan Bergman

Robotics has changed modern agriculture. Autonomous systems are powering the tractors, cotton pickers, and corn cutters that yield plants at industrial scale. John Deere is a company