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Vanta: Maintaining Security Standards with Christina Cacioppo

SOC 2 is a security audit to prove that SaaS companies have secured their company and customer data. It’s often considered the minimum audit necessary to sell software. HIPAA is a

Magic with Sean Li

In this episode we discuss plug and play auth, password management, and crypto with Sean Li, co-founder and CEO of Magic. This interview was also recorded as a video podcast. Check out

Skiff: Secure Document Collaboration with Andrew Milich

Encryption algorithms provide the means to secure and transfer sensitive information by taking input and transforming it into an unreadable output. Usually a special key, or multiple

Semgrep: Modern Static Analysis with Isaac Evans

Static analysis is a type of debugging that identifies defects without running the code. Static analysis tools can be especially useful for enforcing security policies by analyzing code

Sym: Security Workflows with Yasyf Mohamedali

Security is more important than ever, especially in regulated fields such as healthcare and financial services. Developers working in highly regulated industries often spend considerable