Showtime: Crypto Art and NFTs with Alex Masmejean

Non-fungible tokens are proofs of authenticity that are stored on a blockchain. Unlike fungible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies which are interchangeable, non-fungible tokens aren’t inherently equivalent to any other token. Because they are unique, they can be used to represent any unique asset. Their presence on a blockchain enables an NFT owner to trade the asset and prove they are its owner.

One such use case for NFTs is artwork, and the company Showtime is bringing artists and creators together to showcase their work. Crypto art is verified with NFTs and therefore can’t be authentically reproduced. This lets artists sell their original work to prospective buyers. With Showtime, you can discover and follow new crypto artists, browse the trending page and like, comment, and share artwork. The platform shows a variety of art styles and experience levels. 

In this episode we talk with Alex Masmejean, co-founder and CEO at Showtime. Before Showtime Alex worked as an advisor at TapIn and operations at MetaCartel DAO. We discuss non-fungible tokens, the world of crypto art and the growth and future of Showtime.

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