Apache Drill with Tomer Shiran


“It’s a great world to be a developer in. If you’re a developer today, you have so many tools and so many options.”

Apache Drill is a schema­-free SQL query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud storage. Drill is unique in that it uses a JSON data model instead of a relational model like many traditional engines. Additionally, it supports on-the-fly schema discovery, which allows execution to begin without knowing the structure of the data. As a result, Drill can work with data that is constantly updating or changing.

Tomer Shiran is the founder of the Apache Drill project and the CEO of Dremio.


  • After all the hype of NoSQL databases, people are realizing that we still need SQL – can you describe this evolution?
  • How did NoSQL solve scalability problems?
  • What is a SQL query engine?
  • What was Google trying to solve with the Dremel paper?
  • What are the problems with JSON that make things harder for a query engine?
  • At the cross section of business and open source, what are the challenges, and what are you looking forward to seeing?
  • What do you see as the future of the Hadoop ecosystem?


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