Distributed NoSQL Databases with Jon Meredith


“The world is increasingly disconnected, if you think about dealing with things like mobile devices that flap in and out of connectedness.”

Riak is a distributed NoSQL key value data store. It was created by Basho, taking inspiration from the Amazon Dynamo paper. In this episode, Jon and Jeff discuss the benefits and different implementations of non-relational distributed data stores, and why Riak is a compelling option.

Jon Meredith is the chief architect at Basho.


  • What did the landscape of distributed databases look like when the Amazon Dynamo paper was published?
  • How are the trade-offs between high availability with consistency?
  • How does a master-slave architecture compare to a symmetrical architecture?
  • How does consistent hashing enable scaleability?
  • Were there any parts of Riak that were difficult to implement?
  • Why are CRDTs rising in importance?
  • How does Riak compare with Cassandra?


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