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Search as a Service with Julien Lemoine

“You need to build more things yourself to be highly available, but one of the very good consequences of being bare metal is that the prices are very low compared to what you could get

Managing a CDN with Carl Gustas

“We’re not always in control of other people’s networks.” CDN stands for content delivery network. A content delivery network is a system of distributed servers that delivers

CockroachDB with Ben Darnell

“Eventual consistency is really kind of a marketing term from some of these NoSQL systems – it’s not really consistent in any strong sense of the term.” Google has published

Creating the Wiki with Ward Cunningham

“I believe that there’s something deeply personal, natural, and human going on as we construct these abstract devices called computers.” Wiki technology was invented decades ago to

Logging and NoOps with Christian Beedgen

“You write the code, but you don’t run it? That’s just preposterous.” Software applications are constantly generating logs. These logs are necessary to understand how an