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JavaScript and Frontend Development with Marc Grabanski

“Seeing stuff happen is exciting in the early days. But when you try to be at the senior level, at the architect level, you have to understand that there is a cost to adopting a higher

The Past, Present, and Future of Open Source

Nadia Eghbal joins us as the host of today’s show to discuss the past, present, and future of open-source software. This monologue was adapted from Nadia’s article, We’re

Scaling Email with J.R. Jasperson

“As the scale continues to increase, certain effects of architecture become less and less efficient.” When you spend money online, you expect a receipt to come in your email. When

Git Workflows with Tim Pettersen

“Git is a fairly flexible tool – one of the ways that people often describe it is that it gives you enough rope to hang yourself.” Git is the most popular version control system.

Automating Infrastructure at HashiCorp with Mitchell Hashimoto

“SaaS, whether we want it or not, in enterprise technology or in our data centers, is coming.” Application delivery has become more complex as software architectures have moved into