Git Workflows with Tim Pettersen


“Git is a fairly flexible tool – one of the ways that people often describe it is that it gives you enough rope to hang yourself.”

Git is the most popular version control system. If you have been programming for less than a decade, it’s likely that you haven’t used any other method of version control. The git workflow of a software team defines how that team collaborates, builds, and ships software.

Tim Pettersen is a developer advocate at Atlassian, where he has been building software around git for many years. He joins us on today’s episode to talk about strategies for git–including branching, merging, continuous integration, and software as a service.


  • Why should we use Git?
  • How does Mercurial compare to Git, and why is it a compelling alternative?
  • What are the characteristics of a good Git workflow?
  • What is the difference between a good workflow and a great one?
  • What is a rebase?
  • Why is code review so important?
  • What are the advanced ways you work with Git?
  • Are there any underutilized features of Git?


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