Automating Infrastructure at HashiCorp with Mitchell Hashimoto


“SaaS, whether we want it or not, in enterprise technology or in our data centers, is coming.”

Application delivery has become more complex as software architectures have moved into the cloud. Data center infrastructure has turned into code to be manipulated, and software engineering teams are adjusting their strategies.

HashiCorp is a company that builds open-source software for application development and deployment. Mitchell Hashimoto is the founder of HashiCorp, and he joins us to discuss a modern approach to application delivery, and the tools HashiCorp is developing.


  • What are the problems HashiCorp is trying to solve?
  • Why does automation become more important as infrastructure becomes more complex?
  • What are the core characteristics to a good development process?
  • How do the changes in the deployment process affect developers?
  • What drives the current shift towards declarative programming?
  • Why did you choose to build your own scheduler?
  • What is Consul?



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