JavaScript and Frontend Development with Marc Grabanski


“Seeing stuff happen is exciting in the early days. But when you try to be at the senior level, at the architect level, you have to understand that there is a cost to adopting a higher level abstraction.”

Frontend web development was simpler in the past–CSS, HTML, and JavaScript were all you needed to know. Today, we have mobile web, React, Angular, PHP, JQuery, and so much more.

Marc Grabanski focuses on what he believes is timeless–pure JavaScript. Marc is the founder of Frontend Masters, a training site for developers who want to build quality web interfaces. He joins us today to discuss the shifting nature of front end development.


  • In your opinion, how has web development changed and progressed in the last fifteen years?
  • How has front-end evolved from jQuery to the more modern frameworks like Angular or React?
  • What made people jump from Backbone to Angular?
  • Where is the demarcation between front-end and back-end development?
  • Why should people learn fundamental JavaScript instead of working with readymade frameworks?
  • What is the issue with security relating to JavaScript?
  • Have you learned anything interesting from working with Douglas Crockford?


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