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Gig Economy

I like to write music, and a year ago I started working on an album called “Gig Economy”. The plan for the album was to hire musicians from gig economy platforms like Fiverr and

The Gravity of Kubernetes

Kubernetes has become the standard way of deploying new distributed applications. Most new internet businesses started in the foreseeable future will leverage Kubernetes (whether they

New Topic Feeds

Listeners have had difficulty finding the Software Engineering Daily content they want to listen to. We are creating new podcast feeds to address this. The content on each podcast feed

Sorry We Crashed Your Podcast Player

We started putting transcripts in some of our podcast posts 2 months ago. Each transcription was an hour’s worth of audio conversation, which equaled a LOT of text when transcribed.

Our Editorial Philosophy

Software Engineering Daily started as a daily podcast about how to build software. Following my own interests, the show evolved toward a discussion of how to create a software company as