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Devoxx4Kids with Arun Gupta

Devoxx4Kids is an organization that is inspiring children through robotics, programming, and engineering. Kids who attend a Devoxx4Kids workshop are exposed to entertaining and

Cloud Clients with Jon Skeet

Google builds cloud services for developers, such as PubSub, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud DataStore. On Software Engineering Daily, we’ve done lots of shows about how these types

Electronic Frontier Foundation with Nate Cardozo

When the US government hacks its own citizens, The Electronic Frontier Foundation is often the best source of reporting to find out what laws the government has broken. When a change to

Cloud Dataflow with Eric Anderson

Batch and stream processing systems have been evolving for the past decade. From MapReduce to Apache Storm to Dataflow, the best practices for large volume data processing have become

Commodity Discussion with Preethi Kasireddy

A previous episode of Software Engineering Daily called “You Are Not A Commodity” received a lot of feedback, both negative and positive. The episode was a monologue I wrote about