New Topic Feeds

Listeners have had difficulty finding the Software Engineering Daily content they want to listen to.

We are creating new podcast feeds to address this.

The content on each podcast feed is mutually exclusive from the other feeds, except for the main feed and “Greatest Hits.”

You can now find the following podcast feeds in iTunes and Google Play:

  • Software Engineering Daily (main feed): the classic Software Engineering Daily feed–we recently limited this to 100 episodes because we were crashing your podcast player but now we are trying to figure out how big we can safely make this feed
  • Business and Philosophy: a feed for non-programmers and programmers alike; if you like SE Daily and have a non-engineer friend who likes podcasts, please suggest this feed to them
  • Blockchain: cryptocurrencies, decentralization
  • Cloud Engineering: infrastructure of Netflix/Slack/Uber, monitoring best practices, analysis of cloud service providers
  • Data: technical deep-dives into database functionality, streaming frameworks, data infrastructure
  • JavaScript: discussion of frameworks, web technologies UI-layer engineering
  • Machine Learning: deep learning, model building, data science, prediction
  • Open Source: programming languages, developer tools, open-source infrastructure (includes lots of Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Security: privacy, advertising fraud, malicious hacking
  • Hackers: stories of weird projects and interesting businesses
  • Greatest Hits: popular episodes of SE Daily that are more than 3 months old

Every new episode goes into 2 feeds:

  • Software Engineering Daily (main feed)
  • 1 category feed (Blockchain, Databases, Security, etc)

An episode can potentially be in 3 feeds if it is also in Greatest Hits.

If you subscribe to all of the feeds including Software Engineering Daily (main feed), you will receive 2 notifications for every new episode.

With the different feeds, we hope you can curate your own ideal SE Daily listening experience. Thanks for listening to Software Engineering Daily and please let us know what you think of the new feeds.

A few recommendations:

  • Most listeners: subscribe to either the main feed OR every topic feed. Subscribing to every topic feed will give you all new episodes, as well as a nice way to find old episodes to listen to.
  • Occasional listeners: check out “Greatest Hits”
  • Non-engineers: check out “Business and Philosophy”

We hope the rollout of these new feeds goes smoothly. If you have issues, please email me, notify us in Slack, or tweet at us.

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