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(Full Audiobook) Move Fast: How Facebook Builds Software

Here is the full audiobook for “Move Fast: How Facebook Builds Software”. Continue listening to the end to hear my most recent album “Simulation”.

Build Your Own Amazon

When I worked as an engineer at Amazon, I would arrive at the office every day before 6:30am. Amazon’s enormous campus is in downtown Seattle. The company expands across the city like

You Are Not A Commodity (Keynote at Tikal Full Stack Tech Radar Day)

Today’s episode is a keynote I gave at Full Stack Tech Radar Day in Tel Aviv. The talk is called “You Are Not a Commodity”. This talk is also available as a YouTube

Podsheets: Open Source Podcasting

Podsheets is a set of open source tools for podcast hosting, publishing, ad management, community engagement, and more. Podsheets is influenced by our experience managing Software

FindCollabs: Share Your Open Source Projects and Find Collaborators

Every creative person has a project–or at least a project idea. FindCollabs is a place to share your projects, whether those projects are new or old. Your project doesn’t even