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You Are Not A Commodity (Keynote at Tikal Full Stack Tech Radar Day)

Today’s episode is a keynote I gave at Full Stack Tech Radar Day in Tel Aviv. The talk is called “You Are Not a Commodity”. This talk is also available as a YouTube

Podsheets: Open Source Podcasting

Podsheets is a set of open source tools for podcast hosting, publishing, ad management, community engagement, and more. Podsheets is influenced by our experience managing Software

FindCollabs: Share Your Open Source Projects and Find Collaborators

Every creative person has a project–or at least a project idea. FindCollabs is a place to share your projects, whether those projects are new or old. Your project doesn’t even


Collaboration on the Internet creates innovation. New inventions, new art, and new products–built by people working together on the Internet. FindCollabs is a product we have been