FindCollabs: Share Your Open Source Projects and Find Collaborators

Every creative person has a project–or at least a project idea.

FindCollabs is a place to share your projects, whether those projects are new or old. Your project doesn’t even have to have code associated with it yet–it can just be an idea, like a weather prediction system.

Your project can be anything creative–a game, or an animation, or a song.

One project I’m working on is a FindCollabs Theme Song. Two collaborators have worked on the project, Adam and AJ. I already gave Adam a review (he did a great job). AJ’s review is pending.

The workflow for submitting a project is easy. As an example, I’ll go through a project that I want to share with the FindCollabs community.

This is Escrow, a social betting game I invented. It’s not the prettiest game in the world, but it has some cool ideas. Maybe other people will want to contribute to it. Let’s add it to FindCollabs!

I added the link to my GitHub repository and a live version of the app so people can test it out. Now I’ll create some roles, so people know how they could contribute to the game.

That’s it! Now my project is created on FindCollabs. People who come to FindCollabs will see it in the feed.

When you click into a project, you are taken to an interface that allows you to chat and interact with the project. I’m already getting some feedback from Vynce.

FindCollabs is a place for you to share your projects and find collaborators. The projects can be anything creative. When people collaborate online, cool stuff gets built.

One project on FindCollabs is, a site that is built to be a better, more flexible skin for We have a popular podcast, but the content is difficult to index, search, and discover. We have outgrown WordPress and podcast players.

The community has been building the Software Daily platform for a few years, and FindCollabs gives us a platform to work within.

On FindCollabs, you can post new projects and old projects. You can post a rough idea or a detailed product spec.

When you share your projects, other people can get a sense for who you are and how you like to work. Here’s my profile.

FindCollabs is having an online hackathon with $5000 in prizes. If you have some cool projects you are working on, put them on FindCollabs and be entered to win.

The judges are investors, artists, and engineers. They understand the creative process. Entrees to the hackathon will be judged based on vision, execution, creativity, and teamwork.

If you don’t have any projects to post, join an existing project.

We look forward to seeing you on FindCollabs!

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