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Sorbet: Typed Ruby with Dmitry Petrashko

Programming languages are dynamically typed or statically typed. In a dynamically typed language, the programmer does not need to declare if a variable is an integer, string, or other

Open Source and Rails with Aaron Patterson

“I have a really fun time being in open source, and I want other people in the community to feel the same way as well. Programming isn’t just my job – its also my
Aaron Patterson

The Evolution of Rails with David Heinemeier Hansson

“Actually it’s more work to turn a table into a chair, than it is to just make a damn chair.” Continue reading…
evolution of rails

The Ruby Community with Marty Haught

"Every time I’ve gone to a conference, there’s always been some new idea or some new way of working that I’ve been exposed to." Continue reading…
the ruby community

Learning Rails with Michael Hartl

“It really seemed like Rails just put everything together, so I thought well let’s give this thing a try, and I liked it.” Continue reading…