Open Source and Rails with Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson


“I have a really fun time being in open source, and I want other people in the community to feel the same way as well. Programming isn’t just my job – its also my hobby.”

Ruby on Rails has had the most commits made by its creator, David Heinemeier Hansson. The next most frequent contributor to Rails is Aaron Patterson, our guest on today’s episode of Software Engineering Daily. Topics discussed in today’s episode include Ruby relative to JavaScript, Rails relative to Linux, and DHH relative to Tenderlove.


  • What is it about Ruby on Rails that motivates you to contribute so much to the project?
  • How was Rails different from the frameworks you had used previously?
  • What impact has Rails had on the world of software development?
  • Why is working on open source projects more emotionally rewarding for you?
  • Is the Rails OSS community unique when compared to other open source projects?
  • Are you also in agreement that the tradeoff in performance for developer ergonomics is a crucial reason for ruby and rails’ success?
  • Why is blogging a good complement to the other work you do in the community?
  • What is the future of Ruby on Rails?


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