Programming Languages

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Security Language with Jean Yang

Security vulnerabilities are an important concern in systems. When we specify that we want certain information hidden, for example our phone number or our date of birth, we expect the

Kotlin with Hadi Hariri

Whatever engineering problem you have right now, the solution is probably not to write a new programming language. But sometimes it does make sense. JetBrains makes IDEs–the

Rust Concurrency with Alex Crichton

Rust is a systems level language that is built to prevent crashes and eliminate data races. A language like C++ gives you high speed and lots of control, but it is easy to have

Julia Language with Jeff Bezanson

Jeff Bezanson’s university thesis described the motivation for a new programming language. He discussed the shortcomings of “array based programming environments” and his desire to

ScalaJS with Haoyi Li

Scala is a functional programming language built on the JVM. For more than a decade, this didn’t mean anything to front end web developers. More recently, ScalaJS has brought Scala to