Kotlin with Hadi Hariri

Whatever engineering problem you have right now, the solution is probably not to write a new programming language. But sometimes it does make sense.

JetBrains makes IDEs–the interactive development environments that many people code in, like IntelliJ and Webstorm. And all of these IDEs are written in Java. So the JetBrains team is very familiar with Java and the JVM. Since JetBrains spends so much time working on tooling for developers, they also have an intimate understanding of the problems that developers encounter.

Kotlin was developed as an alternative to JVM languages such as Java and Scala. In this episode, Hadi Hariri from JetBrains explains why the company decided to build a new JVM language. We discuss many of its features, such as safety, concision, and its ability to compile to JavaScript.

Show Notes

Why Kotlin is My Next Programming Language: Ode to the Language You’ve Never Heard Of, by Mike Hearn

YouTube: GOTO 2016 Conference, Kotlin – Ready for Production, Hadi Hariri



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